Like every good story we need a beginning, a middle… but unlike other stories… hopefully not an end.

You're now joining us at the very beginning of our story. We're sure there will be more to write as time goes on, but for now, please keep reading and check back from time to time as we'll update this page as our story continues.

CHAPTER 1 - The 'Light Bulb' Moment

Gift buying... it was a real conundrum for our founder. He struggled with what to buy, where to buy, and how to pack, especially when gifting to friends and family. It became such a stressful event for him that he simply ended up taking the easy option of putting money in a card and popping it in the post. A welcome, but not particularly thoughtful gesture.

His problem wasn't goodwill or generous thinking it was indecision on what people wanted, the challenges of where to go and all compounded by a lack of time to go out, buy the gift, package it up and organise a delivery.

So, here comes our light bulb moment… ’There must be a better way’.

And from that idea, our business was born. A gifting service that does it all for you at the click of a mouse (or touch of a screen).

CHAPTER 2 – What Makes A Good Gift?

While an idea is great, it needs substance and thought. So, we asked ourselves the question “what makes a good gift?”. Is it something pretty? Is it something generous? Is it something practical? Is it something people want or something people need? A real conundrum but we think we figured out the answer (as we see it).

The answer is... all the above.

It's almost an impossibility to cover everything in a single gift, but does a gift need to be a single item? Why not give a gift that has multiple items offering practicality combined with need and desire? Gifts that provide a simple but thoughtful message all the way through to gifts that arrive as a statement of generosity.

With gift sets and boxes packed with multiple items you can fulfil all the requirements of a good and thoughtful gift and ensure that excitement when the recipient opens the package.

CHAPTER 3 – Starting Out With Baby Steps

So where do you start?

There are so many people and events to buy gifts for. To cover them all would be a huge challenge and probably a step too far for a start-up small family business working out of their spare room and garage, so we needed to begin somewhere and that somewhere ended up being Baby gifts.

Scroll forwards to September 2020 and after months of planning, coding, gift set design, sourcing suppliers and packaging design we launched our first website babygiftsets.co.uk.

A website dedicated to bringing a huge range of gift sets to celebrate and congratulate baby births, birthdays, new arrivals and everything in between. All ordered online and delivered direct with a personal message.

To be continued...